Posted by: Mish | October 20, 2007

Balancing the Scales

The judicial system is not 100% fool proof. Mistakes happen, which is only one of the reasons many (myself included) are against the death sentence. What happens when an innocent is given the death sentence? Do the jurors involved then become the guilty? How is that mistake made up for? Can it be?

Those questions were brought to mind by Tim Kelly’s the Curse of Skull Island. As requested and with gold in their eyes, a group of people come to the dark and damp Skull Island. They come to realize that the majority of them served on the same jury whose verdict led to lethal injection, the executed later found to be innocent. As the night progresses, they drop off one by one.

With the somewhat psychotic Bartholomew spewing “Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” from the Bible and the island being his family’s, fingers point to him. Or was it the puppet-loving Almira who believes life is cheap and wants to protect her brother? No, it was Lady Justice who came to Skull Island to right the wrongs committed by her fellow jurors. Even she knows that she and her executioner cannot escape justice for their crimes and they are sentenced to death, to balance the scales.

Kelly seems to say justice will be carried out in some form, even if it slips through the cracks the first time. The innocent, portrayed by the few who erroneously ended up on the island and survived to tell the tale, will be allowed to continue their lives. Personally, I believe in karma, that sooner or later what goes around comes around.

I find it ironic that my first post comes from the opening night of a high school play. It made for an enjoyable evening out with my friend, whose younger sister we went to applaud. The rain and chilly autumn weather helped set the mood for the murder mystery we were about to see. Though the mystery and ending are ruined for me, the entertainment won’t be, and I may go again tonight.


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