Posted by: Mish | November 3, 2007

Coffee with Bach

It’s Sunday morning and I’m having coffee with Bach. The semi-regular date has become one of my favourite ways of waking up. The conversation is pretty one-sided, but I enjoy listening to what the old master has to say. I don’t need to understand the grammar rules of music to hear the beauty of his words, especially when translated through the violin of James Ehnes. I know a lot of people who would either want to fall asleep or gouge out their ears upon hearing Bach, or any of the classic artists for that matter. My date and I were anything but asleep when we had the pleasure of seeing the Montreal Symphony Orchestra perform the music of Bach and Mendelssohn. I look forward to seeing again James Ehnes, who was the guest soloist and who blew us away that delightful evening.

But, back to Bach. His music, which I’m still exploring, is absolutely beautiful and enthralling. The Sonatas and Partitas for the violin and Toccata and Fugue in D Minor for the organ are soothing yet exciting, with tones treading heavily to pitter-pattering. Written specifically for each instrument, he made full use (and then some) of their range and capabilities. I find myself wanting to sweep someone up and dance around a ballroom. A friend cleans to Bach when the wife’s away. You all may be asleep by now, but I’m now ready to seize the day.


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