Posted by: Mish | December 10, 2007

Code Breaker

Drabble prompt: Break the code

The group stood there, each face one of befuddlement. An ebony marble door encased in a marble wall the colour of alabaster stood before them. Beside the door inlayed in the wall was a set of tiles running three across and three down; the bottom right slot was empty. Upon each tile was engraved in red a rune-like marking.

“We’ve been here all day,” whined Gnash. “We’re never going to solve this.”

“It’s only been a few hours and yes, we will,” replied the cleric in his usual calm voice. He tilted his head and tapped his lips with his index finger as he studied the symbols. “There is always an answer, as hidden as it may be.”

“For once, and I hate saying this, I agree with Gnash,” said the elven ranger. “This is way beyond our comprehension, Vkandis. “Perhaps there’s another way inside.”

“Karrian, Gnash and Dorlin have already been around the fortress three times. If Gnash can’t find another way in with his roguish abilities, I doubt that one exists,” said Vkandis. “This really is a magnificent-”

“Move yer arses,” a deep voice cut in. The dwarf rambled over rather ungracefully with his large iron axe in hand and past Vkandis.

“Dorlin, I think the lack of oxygen in your caves has done damage to your brain. I highly doubt you’ll have much success breaking the door down as solid as it is,” said Karrian her eyebrow raised.

“Who’s breakin the door down?” was his gruff reply as he lifted the axe. “I’s gonna break this code.”


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