Posted by: Mish | January 7, 2008

Animal Guides

An old poem that wanted to be posted.

Animal Guides

Animal guides traverse with me
the Journey of Life.
I can’t but listen and learn
to their lessons of Old,
when the Great Spirit roamed free,
spreading love, peace, and wisdom.

On the winds from the East
dances Butterfly.
Sharing colours and beauty
for all the World to see.
Like his rainbowed wings,
his mind is clear and changing.

Traveling from the South,
carrying her healing comes Badger.
Strong and enduring,
she never veers from aid’s path.
Not caring for Future,
she battles for her beliefs.
Aggressive and quick to act,
her bite and scratch are harsh.

From his Western watery home
hops Frog.
Peace and Purity throughout,
Always relaxing on his pad.
Forever a shoulder to lean upon,
he is a lifelong friend.

From her Northern homes of earth and water
crawls Turtle.
With the Goddess’ strength she shields
from those more painful then a knife-
hurt, hate, jealousy, and envy.
On her shell to display,
paintings of reds, greens, and yellows.

Above in fields of Life and Peace
grazes Buffalo
One of Great Spirit.
To all his kin- animal or human,
he keeps his promise
to always share what he can offer,
his self for food, tools, and shelter.

Below in rings of Fire
slithers Snake.
His colours his creation.
He realizes Life’s Cycle,
accepts he must lose himself to live.
Shedding skin after skin,
great Physical vitality.

soars Hawk.
With every winged flap
the gift of Life.
Endurance to overcome,
Strength to fly long in harsh conditions.
From his height, he watches all-
movements of kin and omens
brought by Spirits’ messengers.
From observation he has learned
the gift of Intuition.

Perched at point,
Grouse and Owl.
Mother Grouse the reminder
Mother Earth is forever here,
celebrate Her gifts.
See the better side,
transcend to the higher self,
anything is possible.
Father Owl Wise and magickal,
catcher of all Truths.
Insights shared,
teacher of the Way of Life.

Copyright infringement is bad karma.



  1. beautiful poem!

  2. Thank you and thanks for visiting. =)

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