Posted by: Mish | January 11, 2008

Remember Dave From Okinawa??

My first thought was “Ornauer?”, but wrong Dave. Mom’s memory is better than mine as I drew a blank. Apparently, I used to know who Dave was and said so when mom introduced me to him at least a decade ago. Back then and on a weekly basis, I frequented the bars and clubs for the live entertainment they provided in the forms of music and poetry readings. So with the lapse of time and all that I’ve taken in since, Dave has slipped into the darkest shadows of my memory.

In her email, mom also sent along a forwarded article she had received. Dave has become quite a popular blues musician with albums, fans, and sold-out concerts. Earlier this month he began his All Japan tour, performing in Osaka, Tokyo, Hiroshima, and my “home town”- a 60 mile long island that I lovingly refer to as the Rock. He’s a home boy devoted to his fans with 7 shows in Okinawa from last week through March.

Even if I don’t remember his music, I applaud Dave for doing what he loves and having the opportunities to collaborate with musicians, known locally in Japan and world-wide. Japan Update’s article says of Dave’s latest album:

“If I’ve Been Waiting was a book, you wouldn’t be able to put it down. Fortunately, David offers an hour of heartfelt pleasure with his latest offering. Don’t miss Red Wine & Moonshine, with both the slide guitar moves sending shivers up the arm, and the gravelly voice is so powerful, you’d almost believe Ralston is the original rhythm and blues king. A song later, Don’t Cry, he picks up the tempo and vocal stylings around, versatility at every turn.”

Looking Dave up did nothing to jog my memory, but I found his website and have been listening to some of his tunes on Myspace while writing this. I can see myself going to catch them back then and now, it’s good stuff. I foresee myself putting money in the jar and adding Dave Ralston to my eclectic music collection. When friends ask who’s playing I can say, “Oh, that’s Dave from Okinawa”…



  1. Hey look – I’m a white person against a grey sky! So THAT explains my life . . .

    Okay, enough kidding about generic non-avatars. Did your mom say to you *how* you knew Dave? Only through Okinawa’s music scene?

  2. Your question answered in 2 shades.

    Just the music scene. I was going all over the island, half the time I didn’t know where. I drove, friends navigated. Bars, secret beaches, random parks, etc. My parents were pretty cool about it all, considering I was 17/18 at the time.

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