Posted by: Mish | May 9, 2008

Personal Soundtrack

I’ve always said my life has a soundtrack. I was also thinking this meme is a slightly different way to blurb about music. I shuffled my computer’s music library, pressed play, and filled in the blanks.

Opening Credits: Deep Silent Complete – Nightwish
Upbeat music with beautiful vocals from a Finnish metal-opera band.

Waking Up: Carrighfergus – Loreena McKennitt
I usually listen to this particular bard when relaxing or dozing off. World music with Celtic influence that I can just drift along in.

First day at High School: From Neverland – Alec Adams
A catchy folk tune from one of my favourite’s about growing up and defending one’s choices.

Falling in Love: From Out of the Barrow – Alec Adams
Lyrically, it’s a marriage proposal. It’s about choices and becoming one.

Fight Song: James Ehnes- Bach’s Partita III in E major, BWV 1006: ii Loure
Perhaps this particular bit could be used for a dramatic death scene in a ballet, although other sections are definitely rocking. I often listen to Ehnes while having my morning coffee, driving, and working.

Breaking Up Song: I Can’t Stand the Rain – Anthony Stewart Head
Folky-rock croonings of an extremely talented man, whether on stage or screen.

Prom: I Just Can’t Wait to Be King – “the Lion King”
Fun song no matter one’s age.

Life: John Barleycorn – Heather Alexander
Crazy fiddling and upbeat folky tune about growth and life’s cycle.

Mental Breakdown: Thrasher – James Marsters
Folk song performed, and possibly written, by James. I was surprised when I first heard him sing on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and now I listen to him fairly frequently.

Driving: Showgirl – Frances Ruffelle
This title song from the album reflects Frances’ musical theatre roots. She’s probably most recognized as Eponine from Les Miserables.

Flashback: Every Story Is A Love Story – “Aida”
Elton John and Tim Rice reunite for another musical. I really enjoyed seeing this show with friends.

Getting Back Together: Face in the Window – Anthony Stewart Head
Electronic/ambient music.

Sex scene: Mon Coeur Est Penetre D’Eupouvante! – “Faust”
Basically a love song from Gounod’s opera.

Wedding: I Will Take You Forever – Frances Ruffelle
A duet with Christopher Cross about love and such.

Birth of Child: Gott Ist Tott – “Tanz der Vampire”
This has risen as one of my favorite musicals because of Steve Barton’s rich baritone vocals and the phenomenal lyrics and music by Jim Steinman, a musical genius. Really nice to hear Steve in another role besides Raoul in “Phantom of the Opera”.

Final Battle: Between the Shadows – Loreena McKennitt
Instrumental piece with a hint of mid-eastern tones. Quite lovely.

Death Scene: Dante’s Prayer – Loreena McKennitt
Softly sung poetry…
“Cast your eyes on the ocean
Cast your soul to the sea
When the dark night seems endless
Please remember me…”

Funeral Song: Confessions of a Vampire – “Tanz der Vampire”
One of my favourite songs from the German musical. The melody tends to get stuck in my head more often than the lyrics, although they do too.

End Credits: La fida ninfa- Dite, oime – Cecilia Bartoli
Slower operatic piece from her Vivaldi album. I like her well enough.



  1. Fun post : ) I don’t know how I would be able to narrow it down though if I tried this. Maybe I’ll try some night when I’m alone at home with a bottle of red.

  2. Meme directions: Shuffle your computer’s music library (I know you have quite a bit too), randomize, press play, and fill in the blanks.

    I’ve done it a few times over the years. Kinda cool to see what comes up for what.

  3. You should just stop at the opening credits and keep Nightwish going all day. 😉

  4. Oh, there are days when I have listened to nothing but. Would have really liked to see them while they were playing in my “reachable” distance, but alas there was other music I needed to catch.

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