Posted by: Mish | July 9, 2008

Poetry and Drabbles

I’ve been reading Rachel Green’s poetry and drabbles, which are extremely short stories, for about two years now. The language and imagery drawn up while reading any of her haiku, senryu or cinquains often take my breath away. As when I read her poetry, I’m suddenly finding myself at a loss for words. But then, are any necessary?

When your
need succumbs to
impressionable moments,
your path to eternity will

With a poem or two for every day, Darkness and Shadows and Abaddon Rising reflect the celebrations and meanderings of Rachel’s daily life in England. Jasfoup’s Dribbles is witty, comical, and just plain fun. The book of drabbles follows the antics and trials of a demon and his master, Harold. Rachel’s books may be purchased in paperback, downloaded, and previewed through her website.

Poem copyright © Rachel Green 2008.
Poem shared with permission of Rachel Green.



  1. Kind words.
    Thank you 🙂

  2. My pleasure. It’s the least I could say/do after enjoying your words for a few years. 🙂

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