Posted by: Mish | October 31, 2008

Still Lifes of Inman

Kevin Inman’s upcoming exhibition is a recording of life as he sees it. His paintings reflect the objectivity and simplicity that can make up one’s environment, whether a vase of lilies, a mountain ridge, or a bottle of Jim Beam. In contrast, his illustrations are colourful and vivacious.

Knowing that his current paintings are quite different from some of his older more abstract work, I asked Inman why he opted for still life. He replied,

“I like to record what is around me, not go hunting for something dramatic to paint. Therefore, I usually paint humble objects and things and then try to elevate them to something extraordinary in the painting itself.”

Still Life With Jim Beam, 2008

Inman’s paintings are oil on canvas or wood and the illustrations mixed media. From November 7th to the 21st, two dozen of his works will be on display at the Flossie Martin Gallery at Radford University in Virginia. Some of them may also be viewed online at his website.

Photo used with permission, copyright Kevin Inman.


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