Posted by: Mish | November 14, 2008


Rebekah was a riveting read, one I liked immensely. As he has done in the past, Orson Scott Card once again engaged my mind, imagination, and heart. I’ve come to expect nothing less from his storytelling.

Card takes the reader back in time to the land of Canaan. Raised by a doting father, Rebekah struggles to fit in with her husband’s family, who do not appreciate her strong will or sharp tongue. After all, a woman should be silent and obedient, especially in the house of Abraham, patriarch of the Hebrews. Through trials and tribulations, love and faith are tested for many.

In Rebekah, Card puts forth complex themes that aren’t always black or white. He has an ability to debate different sides and have each seem right. Being based on a biblical story, belief in the Hebrew god is very present, but so are reasons for other faiths. The question arises if reasons for belief come from above or is due to one’s own desires and opinions. Portrayed are characteristics of what makes a strong or weak ruler, whether of a household or a nation. Other ideas include the advantages or disadvantages of beauty; power from knowledge, physical strength, and the spirit; and social roles.

Although the second book in the Women of Genesis series, Rebekah stands on its own. Whether one knows the basis of the story or not, Card’s version is quite enjoyable. I ended up reading Rebekah by default. I had gone to the used bookstore to find more of the Ender’s Game series and came away with it instead. I’m not complaining at all, but I am looking forward to reading the first book, Sarah, and more about Ender Wiggin. I recommend reading Rebekah and Orson Scott Card in general.


  • “One lie did not undo a lifetime of love. One lie, told over and over again, did not become a thousand lies. It remained the one, looming ever larger until it threatened to crush them all, but still only one, undone in a single moment of truth.”
  • “Any fool can bluster his way into a fight. It takes courage to make peace.”
  • “To claim the supremacy of your judgment would show that you knew it was possible to doubt it.”
  • “We are all good people, trying to do good things for those we love. Because we disagree about what is the best thing to do doesn’t make any of us evil.”
  • “No one’s mind was ever changed with a stick, only their mouths.”
  • “When you want something to happen, your will is so strong that the whole world bends to accommodate you.”

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