Posted by: Mish | December 31, 2008

A Bibliophile’s Year in Review

A book meme I participated in back in February asked if mood, circumstance, or lifestyle influence reading choices. My response was that I usually have 5 books going at a time because sometimes I’m in the mood for light and easy and sometimes more academic material. While trying to decide what to read after Paulo Coehlo’s the Alchemist I figured I might as well read Margaret Atwood’s Bodily Harm, which someone pushed on me in the summer. At the same time of the “main read”, I also have bookmarks in a fantasy anthology, Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, Tao Te Ching, the Bible, and a couple other books.

This has definitely been the year for science-fiction and fantasy as only 2 of the 29 books I read were not of those genres. Yes, that’s what I’ve been in the mood for. But it is also that many of the books are part of one series or another and my wanting to read more by a particular author or three. At the beginning of this year I read Orson Scott Card for the first time and have now read five of his pieces (3 novels and 2 short stories), of which I am on the lookout for more. Card is certainly the one whose writing I’ve been raving most about to people who have read him or not. I have really been enjoying discussing and dissecting the Ender’s Game series with a friend who has read it.  Other good “discoveries” this year include Irene Radford (aka P.R. Frost), Robert Asprin, Paulo Coehlo, and Rod Serling.  I’ve been flying through books faster than I can review them. They’ll get up here eventually, maybe.

I’m curious what others have been reading this year. Any recommended reads or authors? Any particular authors anyone really wants to read more of?

Below are books I read this year. Books from previous years and that I want to read are listed on my reading page.

Paulo Coelho: the Alchemist
Orson Scott Card: Speaker for the Dead
A.R Roqueart: Claiming Sleeping Beauty
Irene Radford: Guardian of the Freedom
Irene Radford: Guardian of the Promise
Irene Radford: Guardian of the Vision
Irene Radford: Guardian of the Trust
Irene Radford: Guardian of the Balance
Robert Asprin: Another Fine Myth
Mercedes Lackey: Arrows of the Queen
Orson Scott Card: Rebekah
Orson Scott Card: Ender’s Game
Mercedes Lackey: Take a Thief
PR Frost: Moon in the Mirror
Mercedes Lackey: Exile’s Valor
Mercedes Lackey: Exile’s Honor
Mercedes Lackey: Oathblood
Mercedes Lackey: Oathbreakers
Mercedes Lackey: Oathbound
Mercedes Lackey: Brightly Burning
Mercedes Lackey: the Silver Gryphon
Mercedes Lackey: the White Gryphon
Mercedes Lackey: the Black Gryphon
Rod Serling: New Stories from the Twilight Zone
Andre Norton: Catfantastic
Mercedes Lackey: Magic’s Price
Mercedes Lackey: Magic’s Promise
Mercedes Lackey: Magic’s Pawn
DAW publishing: 1980 Annual World’s Best SF



  1. The Irene Raford ones sound good! Looks like they jump around in history a bit – do you think it’s best to read them in order?

    My big discovery this year was Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series. =)

  2. They were worth the long wait it took to get them. A review is in the queue and almost done. I think if any are to be read in order and together it would be Vision and Promise. Otherwise, jump around.

    Yea, you were and are quite happy about those. I think I asked you about Misty’s Founding, but can’t remember your response.

  3. Ok, thanks. =)
    Foundation finally arrived at the library a couple of weeks ago but I haven’t quite finished it yet… I’m trying to savour it as long as possible since I’m guessing the next one will be a while away! I’m loving it though. It’s kind of like Arrows with a male main character. Typical slow build-up, plenty of familiar Valdermaren ‘stuff’ that it’s really nice to go back to. I would’ve liked to see more of the old characters but given when it’s set that can’t really happen. Probably not the best in the series, but recommended anyway. =)

  4. Review is up.

    Yea, who knows when another will surface. I’m just happy there’s a new one. Nice to know. Well, it’s hard to have anything come close to Vanyel’s trilogy since that’s my favorite.

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