Posted by: Mish | January 2, 2009

SJ Tucker

Also known as Skinny White Chick, SJ Tucker is truly one of a kind. Her voice is full of soul and power and with or without her guitar or drums, SJ gives one heck of a performance. Her bardic magic will enfold and hypnotize you in its warmth of song and storytelling. Her acoustic folk stylings span from lullabyes, punk rock, spiritual, and everything in between. At times, SJ reminds me of Ani DiFranco and gospel, but her singing and songwriting have also been compared to those of Joni Mitchell, Dar Williams, and Emily Saliers. SJ’s sound is influenced by her Tennessee home, but is shared across the country through her gypsy roaming. In the coming months she will be playing in Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, and Oregon. Her venues include coffee houses, Rennaissance faires, and folk festivals. SJ’s schedule, albums, and sound samples are available through her website and MySpace.

I’ve been meaning to share SJ’s bardic magic for some time, but never got around to it, but the time is now. Along with love and support from family and friends, SJ’s Yuletide present this year was a pile of hospital bills. She and numerous others are currently trying to raise $25,000 by selling albums at a discount price, fundraising, and asking for the kindness of friends and strangers. Though I’m fully for buying from her directly, SJ Tucker’s albums are also available at CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon. But buying through other stores means no discount and SJ not receiving all of the needed proceeds. Clipping this firebird’s wings means she can’t travel and spread the magic and healing of music and laughter.

“April Fool’s Day”:

I came to know of SJ’s music because she joined forces with Alexander James Adams. He’s the reason I bought Tricky Pixie‘s album, but love the pixies’ music because of the fun and energy that they and Betsy Tinney provide. How often does one see someone play their cello like a guitar or hear a tango about alligators? Their tunes are a mix of Celtic, rock, indie, and folk. So thanks to Alec, this past year I’ve gotten to love SJ’s music, independant and not. What else can I say but damn that skinny white chick can sing!

One of my favorite songs, SJ’s “Firebird’s Child” with Tricky Pixie:


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