Posted by: Mish | January 22, 2009

BTT: Inspiration to Read

I’m drawn to read because I like to be entertained. Reading is a way to take a mental break from daily life. Actually, that’s the most straightforward answer. Entertainment aside, I’m inspired to read because:

I love learning and consider myself an eternal student. My academic interests range from art to world history. After hearing first-hand the story of a family’s escape from persecution, I added None is Too Many to my reading list. I certainly wasn’t aware that during World War II boatloads of Jews were turned away from Canada, but I do know I have distant and unknown relatives who arrived before “the ban”. Although not religious, I like learning about religions and understanding different points of view. I’m currently reading the Bible because I want to know more about Christianity. It also gives me more ammo when I get into some discussions.

Reading can show different perspectives and some very intriguing thoughts. I’ve had some amazing discussions that stemmed from literary works. It can be a way to get into the minds of other readers, the subjects or society, or even the author’s.

If people mention a book or plug it the right away I might add it to my reading list. Whether I actually get to it, that’s a different story. I devoured Ender’s Game because several people told me it was a “must read”, to which I agree. Thanks to someone who has similar reading tastes, I reveled in many books and have another in the queue. A long time friend and spiritual mentor will “assign” reading, which has always been worth my while. After reading The Alchemist, I’m more wary of another friend’s recommendations.

I’ve also started participating in a few reading challenges that may give me a push to read more of the plays and books already on my shelves. I love reading for the pure enjoyment of the act itself.

So those are some of my inspirations to read. These thoughts were inspired by Booking Through Thursday, whose question of the week was:

btt2Since “Inspiration” is (or should) the theme this week … what is your reading inspired by?


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