Posted by: Mish | January 29, 2009

Babylon 5 in 147 Seconds

I wouldn’t call myself a Babylon 5 fan, mainly because I’ve only caught glimpses of the sci-fi series here and there, but not enough to really count towards anything. I have nothing against the show, I just never got around to watching it for one reason or another. I haven’t completely missed the ship and may decide to board just yet. The basic plot of a space station as the hub to establish peace among interstellar empires in the 23rd century sounds interesting enough. I’ll admit, I had to look that up.

For fans and non-fans alike, a summary of Babylon 5‘s five seasons in 147 seconds was done by the World’s Fastest Filker. If later on I become a fan of Babylon 5, I blame Tom Smith and his “Five Years”. Considering the difficulty of piecing together and timing 130 clips to the quick music, the fan video below is very well done.


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