Posted by: Mish | February 6, 2009

Musical Discoveries

Looking back across the last several years, my taste for music hasn’t really changed. If anything, I’ve come across more artists in the genres I like. In the last 5 years or so, I’ve come to really like the Glengarry Bhoys’ Scottish and Acadian tunes, Kila from Ireland, and classical violinist James Ehnes and try to see them as much as possible. For rock, I’ve become an avid fan of the brilliant song writer Jim Steinman. Prior to being introduced to his name, I already had some Meat Loaf in my music collection, but now have Steinman’s solo album, his rock musical Tanz der Vampire, and some of his other projects. I’ve also come to like the music of James Marsters and Anthony Stewart Head, both of whom I discovered could sing through the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Marsters does folk and rock, though I hear his latest album is more blues- I’ll have to check it out. Head’s album with George Sarah, Music For Elevators, is ambiance electronica and is one of my favorites for writing. Luckily, it also features Amber Benson (also from BtVS), because she has a lovely voice. I also enjoy Head’s renditions of songs from musicals, like Rocky Horror Picture Show. My draw dropped when I saw Head’s musical theatre background, but that’s another story.

My musical tastes are pretty eclectic. When visiting my parents, I’m thrilled to be able to listen to the jukebox I grew up with blasting oldies or their records of folk from the 70’s. I still enjoy listening to some older favorites like Meat Loaf and showtunes. Although it was popular in the 90’s and I like it well enough, I never really got into music like that of the Cranberries or Savage Garden.

Although years from now my sister and I will haggle over our parents’ record collection, beyond that our tastes in music differ. She’s always been more into mainstream music than I have. She’s more geared towards general pop, rap, and hip hop, I’m not. To me it all sounds pretty much the same, but I’m sure she would say the same about the jigs and reels I listen to. I think my taste in music is better than hers, but only because she’s my sister. When we were younger she used to rag on me about my clothes, so I guess it evens out.

These ramblings are inspired by a Breathless Mind, who brought up musical tastes changing. So I ask:

Would you be happy to go back to the musical tastes you had, say, 5 years ago? How have they changed since then? What makes them change? Do you think some people just have better taste than others?

“Good sound is not in the ear, good taste is not in the mouth.” ~Eat, Drink, Man, Woman

Anthony Stewart Head’s rendition of “Anthem” from Chess, one of my favorite showtunes:

Amber Benson and Anthony Stuart Head, Rocky Horror Picture Show:

And because these are a couple of my favorites from Jim Steinman, a couple old music videos. “The Storm” is only a segment of the 9 minute instrumental piece.

“the Storm”/”Love and Death and an American Guitar”:

“Bad for Good”:



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  2. Thanks for answering my questions. 🙂

    Anothony Stewart Head seems to pop up all over the place! I’m pretty sure my brother has just been listening to an audiobook read by him.

    My sister and I hardly overlap at all in our musical tastes. Most of her music sounds the same to me and I don’t think I’d want to know what she really thinks of mine.

    I’ve just been listening to the clips on James Ehnes’ website… Wow.

  3. Pleasure as always.

    Not surprised Tony’s narrating too.

    Funny how that happens with siblings.

    *GR* James Rocks and I’m currently listening to his Bach Sonatas & Partitas album. Seriously, if he’s ever in your area, SEE HIM!! I’ve seen him twice so far and am waiting for a 3rd time.

  4. I don’t like the chances, but you never know so I’ll be keeping an eye out. 🙂

  5. OMG! Chess! This song is awesome, as is the musical. 😀

  6. *Grins* Oddly, as much as I love the songs, I don’t yet have the soundtrack.

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