Posted by: Mish | February 7, 2009

One Movie

One movie…

that you saw last: Serenity, which I watch fairly frequently

that changed your life: Pay it Forward

you’ve seen more than once: Mononoke Hime

you walked out of/turned off before the end: I don’t remember, but I was highly tempted to do so for the latest Phantom of the Opera remake. In my humble opinion, Minnie Driver was the only one really worth watching and listening to. ALW sold out to Hollywood.

you’d want on a deserted island: the Princess Bride, a long time favorite that never gets old. Besides “I am Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die.”

that made you laugh: Bon Cop Bad Cop

that made you cry: Schindler’s List

you watch over and over: Seren– (cuts self off)  Breakfast at Tiffany’s

you’ve been meaning to watch: Gran Torino

you believe everyone should watch: Amélie

Thanks to Breathless Mind for adapting the one book meme to  one about movies. I get a kick out of our mutual inspiration.


  1. Yay Serenity!

    I liked Phantom but definitely for the music over the story or anything else. I’d much rather listen to it than watch the film again.

    Was Pay it Forward life-changing in a good way? That’s one I always see on the shelf at the rental place but have never picked up.

  2. I’ll stick to listening to the theatre soundtracks of POTO.

    Sure- social change by passing favors/good deeds onto others. It’s a great film, one I won’t turn off if it’s on. Besides it has a stellar cast: Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt, the kid from AI and Sixth Sense, among others.

  3. I agree with you about Phantom, I didn’t like that movie either, even though I REALLY wanted to! 😦

  4. Me too, but after hearing about ALW selling out I had really low expectations- which couldn’t even be met. Sad. It’s one of my long-time favorite musicals.

    On another subject, your blue faerie rocks!

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