Posted by: Mish | February 12, 2009

Beyond the Art

I sometimes think it’s forgotten that actors, musicians, writers, painters, and any other professionals are first and foremost people. Artists have their passions, inspirations, their ups, and their downs. But unlike teachers or scientists, their profession puts them under the public’s eye, some more than others. For some it just comes with the job and the name or it’s more mandatory for them to make a living, while for others it’s not so much the case. Some put on their show face when in public and others not. Although art can usually sell itself, what people see at a friend’s show is a façade of a salesman. When off stage and out of the studio, “Columbus” can be found fishing, gardening, or having a fun time with friends.

Through the pockets of cyberspace people can share as much or as little of themselves as they like. Anyone who reads this stage and canvas knows I’m not passionate about the arts at all and those I see in person know I’m not the least bit sarcastic. Through the blogosphere, I’ve found common interests, had some fantastic conversations, and have been able to keep tabs on people. I recently found out that two trips to New York City are in order, one to see a friend from the UK and another to hear some live music.

For artists, blogs are a way to share project information, thank and get to know their fans, converse, or just ramble. I like getting to know people and if I can see beyond the art, great, and as I previously said, “Knowing the person holding the pen, paintbrush, or guitar also adds to my appreciation for what they do and where they’re coming from”. There are some blogs I started reading because I liked the blogger’s writing, music, or what have you. There are also those whose blogs I started reading before becoming familiar with their work or knowing their profession. The same can be said about liking them as people and some of the friendships formed.

btt2 This rambling has been simmering for some time, but has finally made it onto canvas thanks to BTT’s question of the week: Do you read any author’s blogs? If so, are you looking for information on their next project? On the author personally? Something else?



  1. I do read a few author website/blogs.

    Authors Talking

  2. Wonderful answer. Thank you.

  3. Robin, thank you.

    Bluestocking, I tried to leave a comment at your blog, but it wouldn’t go through. A couple authors’ blogs I read are Neil Gaiman and Steve Barnes.

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