Posted by: Mish | February 13, 2009

One Play

My inner theatre geek couldn’t resist turning the one book and movie memes into one about plays, so without much ado about nothing…

One play…

that you saw last: Gypsy with Patti LuPone on Broadway, which I haven’t gotten around to reviewing.

that changed your life: Nunsense was my first gig as a techie and when I realized I wanted to continue on with lights and all that fun stuff.

you’ve seen more than once: Scapino since it was one of the shows I worked on.

you couldn’t wait to end: Cabaret, the pineapple song meant it was almost over. I was not sad when that run came to an end, unlike… 

that made you laugh: Twelfth Night never got dull and ended way too quickly.

that made you cry: the Diary of Anne Frank

you could (or do) see over and over: Angels in America: Millennium Approaches, a favorite that never got old and that I’d love to see another production of.

you’d like to see: Hamlet with David Tenant and Patrick Stewart, but I can’t afford a trip to England. Alas…

you believe everyone should see: Equus, which I quote and rave about at any opportunity.

Nunsense is habit forming…

A production with Rue McClanahan, if anyone remembers Golden Girls.



  1. Lol awesome! I’ve only ever heard of Rue McClanahan because of Wicked, but this clip is still really funny. 😛
    I think if I weren’t an actor (and about to become a director) I’d be a techie. 🙂

  2. Who was she in Wicked? I’m only familiar with a few of the songs. I used to love watching Golden Girls, still do if I catch it on the telly.

    I tried acting, not my thing. I’ve had fun directing though and would love to do some more.

  3. She was Madame Morrible in Wicked, sometime in 2005, according to her Wikipedia page.

    I’ve only done tech once in my life (lots of fun being totally inexperienced AND the only person in the booth all night, lol!)

    Have you directed children, or adults? I’ve only ever directed kids, I don’t think I’d be old enough to be taken seriously by anyone older!

  4. Okay – you just answered half the questions I was thinking of asking you for interview me.

    Here’s 5 for you to answer.

    If you could go back in time – what year would you visit and why?

    Out of all the worlds you have read by science fiction authors – which one would you chose to live on?

    Who is the one painter whose work you have not seen in person yet, that you would travel anywhere to see?

    If you could interview Michelangelo – what would you ask him?

    How do you picture the face of God?

    Have fun and let me know when your post is up.


  5. I can imagine what that was like. Oy!

    My first professional gig involved a monstrosity of a light board from the 70’s. Since I only have 2 hands, I had to use a broomstick, some pencils, and my knee to make the cues. I guess my juggling act suited the circus-themed Scapino. Luckily, Pendragon upgraded to a computerized board shortly after.

    Peers- classmates for a black box production in college. Age doesn’t necessarily mean not being taken seriously. I think it really comes down to one’s directing methods, communication, sharing of ideas, and everyone being able to collaborate.

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