Posted by: Mish | February 15, 2009

TED-Inspired Art

Through bringing together people from the technology, entertainment, and design fields, TED provokes and shares some fascinating thoughts and actions. Presenters have included Jane Goodall, Al Gore, Bono from U2, and a vast plethora of people whose names I don’t recognize but are still really interesting. TED also gives rise to art, at least in Long Beach, California, where the annual conference recently ended. The talks may be over, but Phantom Galleries LA is currently presenting a few TED-inspired art exhibits through March 14. Luckily for those unable to view them in person (like myself), a slide show is available for online viewing.

On the TED Blog Emily McManus says of the exhibits:

“Super Elastic” brings together large-scale works from four Southern California artists who question how we see — and how art helps us visualize the unseen forces of physics. As curator Timothy Nolan writes: “Although each artist is very literate in the history of pattern-based abstraction, conceptually and aesthetically, they are inspired by and draw liberally from an infinite pool of scientific inquiry.” And the installation piece “Bluetooth’s Castle,” from the Long Beach media collective FLOOD, celebrates the deep connection between innovation and mystery through sound.

“Emergence Enchanted” displays:

the work of 20 artists — painters, sculptors, animators, videographers — who explore the edges of science and creativity in fresh ways. Daniel Marlos from What’s That Bug contributes two glorious images of arachnids … Lita Albuquerque shows a powerful video projection called BeeKeeper that harnesses new pixel-handling techniques to explode and coalesce a life-size image … and an eerily wonderful video work from Semiconductor imagines the life of magnetic fields.

Phantom Galleries LA transforms vacant storefronts into public galleries, giving local artists opportunities to exhibit their work and the general public a chance to easily see those works 24/7 for free. For a list of their current and upcoming art shows in Los Angeles, Pasadena, and Long Beach, one can view their calendar. Because art often inspires art, exhibits are also viewable in San José, which is home to the original Phantom Galleries.


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