Posted by: Mish | February 18, 2009

Radford’s Shorts

Following my last post about funny sci-fi and fantasy, I remembered a couple of Irene Radford’s short stories that I had read last month. I liked them both, but the first one more so because it was as if I were laughing along with an inside joke and, as Radford says, “it’s a con world afterall”.

In “It’s a Con World Afterall”, the owner of the Labyrinthe Prime space station/First Contact Cafe, Ab’nere Labyrinthe, overhears an assassination plot against the Arachnoid Minister of Trade. While on her way to tend to the emergency, the rule quoting Ab’nere comes across a few characters who have their own rules, such as 5718B and 5719, to quote and follow.

Growing out of a writing exercise, “Of Rats and Cats and Teenagers” is a fun little tale about balance. Fairy Godsisters like Cinnamon Schtick work to maintain balance through some good ole fashioned barter and trade. Sometimes things can’t be appreciated until they’re gone, or there’s a plague of rats, cats, or teenagers.

Available for reading at Book View Cafe, these stories are short samples of Irene Radford’s sense of humor, wit, and writing styles, which I’ve enjoyed at greater length through her novels. While her Merlin’s Descendants series is a bit more dramatic, Moon in the Mirror is an entertaining romp and written under the pseudonym of P.R. Frost. In other realms Radford writes as C.F. Bentley.


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