Posted by: Mish | March 6, 2009

Sleepy Time Tunes

To help get me into bedtime mode I usually listen to Loreena McKennitt, lately through An Ancient Muse. In general her music is gorgeous, but this album tends to be more calming than some of her others. Me thinks this bard needs to come through Montreal again, it’s been a couple years.

A friend introduced me to McKennitt’s music in ’97 with “the Mummer’s Dance” and “Stolen Child”, which have remained favorites. The latter’s lyrics are from Yeat’s poem of the same name.

Other sleepy soundtracks of mine include Anthony Stewart Head’s Music for Elevators, Gregorian chant, Vive Voce’s album of Pierra de la Rue’s Magnifcats and Salve Reginas, and rain and the ocean.

What other sleepy time tunes do folks listen to?



  1. I’ve never really done the music before sleep thing. A couple I find really relaxing though are David Gray’s ‘January Rain’ and Dar Williams’ ‘So Close to My Heart.’

    ‘Stolen Child’ was lovely. ūüôā I am feeling sleepy but that’s probably more because it’s approaching midnight lol.

  2. I’ve always been a night owl who has difficulties getting to sleep so the music helps, as does a side of Scotch. David Gray, he’s the one that did “Babylon”? I love Dar.

    I think I drifted off to sleep about one last night.

  3. You left out Enya’s song of the Sandman which is actually a lullaby.I do love this song by Loreena McKennitt

  4. Sandman is lovely, thanks for pointing it out. I’ve fallen behind on Enya, the last album I have is Memory of Trees.

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