Posted by: Mish | March 9, 2009

New Authors

I’m a pretty adventurous and eclectic bibliophile, set just about anything before me and I’m willing to read it. Although I enjoy reading authors I already like, variety is the spice of life so I sample new authors pretty often. I won’t really know if I like an author’s stories and writing unless I at least make an attempt. My literary universe has expanded a great deal thanks to reading the back of a cover and trying recommendations from friends, whose opinions I trust more often than not. I also like reading short stories and anthologies as introductions to writers. “Unaccompanied Sonata” was the bait and Ender’s Game was the hook to Orson Scott Card. I realize not every author can write short stories well, but it gives me an idea of their storytelling and writing style. Conversations and reviews through the blogs of fellow bookworms is also handy.

I buy books fairly frequently because I like adding to my personal library. When I’m not raiding friends’ bookshelves, I’m usually perusing used bookstores. Speaking of which, Ursula LeGuin’s Lathe of Heaven followed me home today. I figure if I don’t like something or am so-so about it than I’m only out some change or a couple bucks while helping the shoppes survive.

That’s my three cents for Musing Mondays. What about you?

musing-mondays What is your policy when it comes to new authors? Do you feel comfortable purchasing a book or do you prefer to borrow new authors from the library? How often do you ‘try out’ a new author?



  1. I really enjoy reading your response…and wasn’t “Ender’s Game” fantastic? I read that AGES ago but it still stays with me — I like the “bait” and “hook” metaphor you used! And I agree 100% — variety is the spice of life.

  2. I definitely agree with a lot of the things you’ve said. Ooh, Lathe of Heaven can’t wait to hear your thoughts on that! :]

  3. I like trying new authors. What catches my attentioin in the description in the back. If that gives me a good feeling, I’ll go for it. I tend to pick up whatever looks good when I visit my fave 2nd hand shop, saving it up for summer when I have time to read for fun. But if a friend recommends something, I’m certainly more likely to try it.

  4. Jenners, thanks. It’s definitely one of my top reads. I relish books one can just pick away at. Dune and spice suddenly came to mind.

    Orchidus, me neither. 🙂

    Jacky, it’s a good way to go. One of my “problems” is my fave shoppe is practically next door.

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