Posted by: Mish | March 23, 2009


My favourite bookstore is one that should have a “Caution, Beware of Books” sign in the window. Secondhand books align the shelves and lay in every nook and cranny of the small three floor building. They are double and triple stacked on the shelves and lay in piles along the floor, up the staircase, on tables, and the newest additions are found near the counter for sorting and putting away. It’s bound to happen that when browsing books some paperbacks come tumbling down. The sounds of jazz, classical, showtunes, and occasionally staff or customers singing along just adds to the atmosphere. Along with buying books, the shoppe also takes them in for credit, which is a nice little deal. With Corner-Stone Bookshop being only two blocks away, it’s a little too easy for me to pop in and peruse the stacks and piles, though I have gotten better at ducking the bookslides.

If I can’t find a particular book at my preferred shop or at the privately owned bookstores in the Montreal area, then I usually purchase online. If it’s a case of instant gratification then I’ll head into one of the chain stores.

Some time ago I heard about this great non-profit store that I’ve been meaning to plug. Good Books donates 100% of its revenue to Oxfam, an organization that helps fight against poverty and social injustice world-wide. Thanks to volunteers and donations, Good Books doesn’t have any operating costs. Free of charge, they also ship around the world. Depending on one’s location, it may take up to a couple weeks for the books to arrive from New Zealand, but the wait would be worth the cause.

RecycledShould you find yourself in Denton, Texas, which is about a half hour from Dallas and Fort Worth, I recommend heading into Recycled Books. The secondhand store is absolutely massive and calls for a few hours, or a few visits, of browsing. They also have a pretty good collection of music and movies. With rooms leading into other rooms, stairs, and ramps, it’s truly a labyrinth where one can easily get lost among the stacks.

That’s my three cents for Musing Mondays, how about you?

musing-mondaysHow many bookstores do you frequent? Do you have a favourite? If so, which one and what makes it so?


  1. Wow what an amazing looking bookshop! I reckon it would be SO easy to get lost in there! My favourite bookshop is probably Borders, it’s always a good place to go to fill in time! 🙂

    As for the GoodBooks website, I remember Jenny telling me about that too, but I never visited it. Maybe I should… 😛

  2. It is! It’s also a good thing I was just visiting.

    Yea, you should. Who do you think I heard it from? 🙂

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