Posted by: Mish | April 21, 2009

Stage Fright

Words are stopped up. The ideas are there, but translating them onto paper is bloody difficult. I’ve a serious case of writer’s block. The deadline is set in stone for Sunday, but I’d like to get it drafted by Thursday night. Friday I’m heading to Ottawa where I’ll want to spend time with chosen family and friends and help with any last minute preparations for Sunday’s wedding. I’m honored and touched to be best man, but when I originally said yes, speaking during the ceremony was not anticipated. There’s a reason I work back stage. My case of stage fright isn’t helping write anything either. I’ve noticed the anxiety varies. I love jamming in a room or at a park, but put me at the front of the house and I freeze. I can play in a circle or with pedestrians passing by, but anything stage-like forget it. I can’t help but be a bit amused that I’m fairly comfortable jamming with some excellent musicians, many of them strangers, but am jittery about writing and reading something in front of a crowd where I’ll know a lot of the folks. Eh, I’ll figure out what to write/say and it’ll be fine.



  1. Hi Mish,

    I just popped in ’cause it’s been awhile since I have and here you are, too the very same day.

    Imagine everyone naked, isn’t that how it works? ;p

    You could recite the _alphabet_ and charm everyone, I’m sure, if all else fails.

    See you soon!


  2. If only that worked. Thanks for the laugh and the smile. See ya soon.

  3. Alphabet! Great idea! I’ll help you rehearse on the way there!

  4. Thanks for proof reading again and again…

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