Posted by: Mish | June 4, 2009

For Jenni

While I was reading a somber email Tuesday, my roommate came over to see what was wrong. It was one of her sweeter moments. MysTic usually thinks about herself, as feline folk are wont to do. Since the long expected news that our furry family member, Jenni, is being put to sleep today, I’ve had “Familiar Promise” internally on repeat. It’s a beautiful piece and appropriate for the bond between animals and their humans. Words may run dry, but there’s always the music and love that never dies.

Alexander James Adams- “Familiar Promise”:

Jenni Penny
1996 – 06/04/09




  1. Awww, Mish. I’m sorry to hear about your friend; I’ve been there before and it was heart-wrenching. Hugs from Montreal,


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