Posted by: Mish | July 2, 2009

GLBT Challenge

Okay, after some consideration I’m accepting the challenge that dares not speak its name. My Dread Pile o’Reads teeters enough, but since I’ve been reading Oscar Wilde’s plays I might as well.

Amanda‘s guidelines for the challenge are simple: read 6 books with GLBT themes or by GLBT authors between July 01 and December 31, 2009.

GLBT ChallengeHere’s the starting list:

1. Oscar Wilde: Lady Windermere’s Fan

2. Oscar Wilde: Salome

3. Oscar Wilde: An Ideal Husband

4. Oscar Wilde: the Importance of Being Ernest

5. Alison Bechdel: Dykes to Watch Out For: Split-Level

6 & 7. Tony Kushner: Angels in America- Millenium Approaches and Perestroika

I may forgo some of Wilde’s social commentary by skipping An Ideal Husband and going right to Ernest. Reviews aren’t written yet, but Lady Windermere’s Fan was good and at times slightly humorous. The one act Salome was okay. I found the talk of religion and incest on a terrace rather drab. Otherwise, I like Wilde’s writing enough to read a bunch of it at a time and think the Picture of Dorian Gray and Other Writings by Oscar Wilde is a great collection of his works.

Do I really want to read Angels for the ?th time? Yep, it’s been a couple years.



  1. Yay! I’m glad you’re joining. I look forward to your reviews. ūüôā

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