Posted by: Mish | July 12, 2009

Myth Conceptions

In Robert Asprin’s Myth Conceptions, a year has passed since Skeeve began his apprenticeship under Aahz, a Pervect who’s lost his magical powers. For the most part they’ve managed to avoid trouble, but unfortunately it finds them again. After Skeeve lands the usually “cushy” position of Court Magician, the first trick is unveiled… defend Possiltum kingdom from the biggest, mightiest army in the world. Told that even if they succeeded they’d be executed, Skeeve and Aahz find themselves in a lose-lose situation. How can an apprentice’s magik possibly beat those odds? Having a “talon-ted” ten-foot dragon, an Imp, an old Archer from Archiah, and a few other tricks up their sleeves might help. So what if Bratwurst- er, Brockhurst is powerless and Ajax falls asleep during battle?


  • Myth-conceptions
  • Power vs control
  • Brains vs brawn
  • Bureaucracy
  • Laws of engagement

Myth Conceptions is written so that it makes sense without having read the previous MythAdventure, Another Fine Myth. Skeeve does a good job of filling in the blanks and, if anything, a few inside jokes may be missed. The banter and sarcasm between characters make up a big chunk of the witty and punny story.

Although I wasn’t choking from laughter like I was for the first in the series, I couldn’t help but chuckle (and occasionally groan) my way through Myth Conceptions. It’s great light reading that’s entertaining to say the least. If anything, it was over too quickly. I look forward to reading more MythAdventures, even if that means skipping to M.Y.T.H Inc. Link, number nine, which I already own. Recommended.

“(Beauraucracy is) the organization to get things done that keeps things from getting done.”


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