Posted by: Mish | July 31, 2009


It’s been a schizophrenic summer, more wet and gray than warm and sunny. Thunder and lightning put a real damper on fishing, sailing, and camping. Being able to enjoy those activities four to five months out of the year is hard enough. Friends and I didn’t get to start sailing until early this month, instead of the usual beginning of June. It’s all rather annoying, but better late than never.

Oh Shenandoah,
I long to hear you,
Away you rolling river,
Oh Shenandoah,
I long to hear you,
Away, I’m bound away
‘Cross the wide Missouri.

I’ve been listening to sea and river shanties and pirate songs to and from the dock. With its slow breathtaking melody, one of my favorites is “Shenandoah”. It also sums up how I feel when returning to land. A friend remarked that with the exception of Heather Alexander’s rendition on Arms of the Sea, it’s rare to come across a version of the old American folksong that she likes. In having heard other versions, I tend to agree it’s hard finding the just right. I also really like Tennessee Ernie Ford’s cover, which reminds me of “Ole Man River” from Showboat.

On that note, I need to pack and pick up rations for a weekend on the lake. Friends and I are determined to sail, come rain or shine. (Please, no lightning!!)


Laser Camping

Any shanties, pirate songs, or “Shenandoah” covers you particularly like? What would you do with a drunken sailor?

Tennessee Ernie Ford, “Shenandoah”

Irish Rovers, “Drunken Sailor”

Photo ©copyright Misha Lee.


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