Posted by: Mish | August 14, 2009

Shakespeare & Sci-fi

Shakespeare ChallengeI wasn’t planning on joining any more reading challenges for the year, but things rarely go according to plan. Besides, it’s rather difficult passing up a “reason” to read more by Shakespeare. It’s been long enough I can’t even recall the last time I did, though I did watch A Midsummer’s Night Dream a couple weeks ago. The challenge runs from September 1st until the bard’s birthday on April 26th. Andrea‘s guidelines are this: read 6 of any Shakespeare’s works or any book inspired by his plays or watch any movie from or inspired by a Shakespeare play.

For my starting list I’m thinking about King Lear, the Tempest, and some sonnets. Also because it’s been quoted to a lot by my friends, I’d like to read Tom Stoppard’s comedy about Hamlet’s friends, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead. Most likely the others will be chosen on a whim when the challenge is underway, and of course, this list could change at any time.

How now, fair viewers? What’s your favorite or least favorite piece by Shakespeare? Do you even like the Bard’s work?

On a more futuristic note, I came away from WorldCon with a list of recommended or mentioned and seemingly interesting reading from professionals and fans in the sci-fi community. I’m considering starting a sci-fi reading challenge because of this, maybe include fantasy since there’s a lot of overlap. Maybe I’ll finally get to Asimov and Tolkien, who I can’t believe I still haven’t read. The challenge would most likely be about a year, ending next August. I’m thinking 8 books simply because on its side 8 is infinity. Anyone interested?



  1. If you haven’t already, you should check out A Novel Challenge ( which is the best place to find current and upcoming challenges. I don’t know of any sci-fi challenges offhand because I don’t normally read sci-fi, but if someone’s holding a challenge, you’ll find it there. If not, there’s a place on there once you set yours up where you can let the moderator know what’s going on and she’ll post it for you.

    I do know there have been some fantasy-based challenges. The Once Upon A Time challenge just ended in June I think and that one’s really popular. I’m not sure about sci-fi though.

  2. I would definitely be interested…. I have a bunch of classic sf listed on a challenge that I have already joined but could use the excuse to read some more recent works.

  3. My two favorites are Macbeth and Merchant of Venice. Tempest has one of my favorite speeches though. The one that goes along the lines of:
    Humans are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep…

    This sounds like fun ūüôā

  4. Knowing there’s some interest out there is incentive for publicizing the challenge. Sweet!

    Amanda: Thanks for the tip/link. Since there are more fantasy related challenges and the two sci-fi challenges I saw were outdated, I think I’ll keep it sci-fi.

    Shellie: Excellent and thanks for coming by.

    Uncertainprinciples: I’ve read Mac but not Merchant. I always forget that quote comes from Tempest.

  5. Thanks for joining. I think it will fun!

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