Posted by: Mish | May 24, 2010

Shiny Stuff

If things had gone according to plan I would be departing from a con just about now. But things do disappointingly fall through. So instead of geeking out and jamming, I spent the weekend helping friends pack up for their move and taking a long drive with other friends down New York and up through Vermont. It’s always gorgeous through the wooded roads and farm country, especially at twilight when the mountains are purple and the sky orange. We also visited the marina to see Our Dolphin, which is currently undergoing maintenance and will hopefully be in the water soon. Overall, it was a pleasant weekend, but I am still a bit grumbly about not being able to don my brown coat. Months ago a con friend and I decided that she would dress up as Inara and I as Mal Reynolds. Now we’ll just wait until another year.

Last week I said to a friend, “You know what the problem with Firefly is?” He immediately responded, “It’s only one season”. “Exactly.” I watch it over and over again, but the series always goes way too quickly. It also leaves questions about the characters. What is it about the preacher’s past that causes the Alliance to give him medical treatment when prior to seeing his identification they refused? When she could live in high society among any of the central planets, why does Inara opt to rough it among the black? What are their stories or those of the mechanic or the pilot? One can grasp bits and pieces about everyone, but there could easily have been more- if Fox hadn’t axed the show.

Of the fourteen, these are the episodes I tend to watch the most:

  • “Out of Gas”: Flashbacks to when Mal gets his ship and finds a crew.
  • “Shindig”: Mal defends Inara’s honor and ends up in a duel. I’m all about swords and stage combat.
  • “Jayne’s Town”: Pigs have flown and Jayne is a hero, complete with statue and song.
  • “Safe”: Simon and River get kidnapped, plus it has River dancing (Summer Glau used to be a dancer) and some great lines- well, all the episodes have great, highlareous lines.

Speaking of Joss Whedon, the Cabin in the Woods is expected out in theatres in January…finally. And because he tends to work with the same folks, the suspense thriller has BtVS‘s Tom Lenk, Amy Acker and Fran Kranz, both from Dollhouse. Whedon’s other thriller, Goners, should also be released sometime next year. Shiny.


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