Posted by: Mish | June 11, 2010

Spliced Reviews

Reviews are supposed to analyze what happens, not just tiptoe around uncomfortable topics. At the same time, people get unhappy about spoilers so just the basics are shared. There’s a fine line between too much information and not enough. I think that balancing act is my main difficulty with writing reviews in general. There have been times when I could easily go on for pages, but don’t. Yet to really know, share, and discuss a work, one has to be willing to dig deep and reveal more than just surface area.

From the reviews I read, Splice sounded like it wouldn’t be just another cookie-cutter sci-fi thriller. Good! Plus, I like mind-bending art that stirs up controversy. The trailers I saw also made it look good, but they’re supposed to get butts in seats anyway. In brief, two scientists illegally create an organism from human and animal DNA. A cross-breed with a poisonous tail is born and the plot about ethics, a means to an end, and relationships continues. From io9:

“There’s already controversy swirling around Splice, the tale of a dangerous genetic experiment who looks like a beautiful woman. Directed by the indie auteur behind Cube, Vincenzo Natali, the movie is deliberately disturbing. And it tells a brutal psychological truth. Reactions to Splice have been strongly divided: Critics either dismiss it as gore-soaked exploitation, or hail it as the latest work of art from a director whose resume already includes harrowing mindbenders…

…Natali isn’t interested in telling us a typical mad science tale, where the results of a shady experiment turn out evil and run around eating people or whatever. Cleverly, creepily, he turns this generic story on its head, exploring the oblivious cruelty of the scientists who made the creature they name Dren (yes – it’s nerd spelled backwards).”

I was considering seeing it in theatres, which I only do maybe three times a year. Having read a really thorough review, I think I’ll watch Splice at home- if I bother at all. The reviewer dissected and ripped the film to shreds because of discontinuity, holes in the plot, minimal character motivation, bad gender stereotyping, and upsetting sexual content. She basically called Splice a pile of “dren”, shit in Farscape-speech.

None of the previous reviews I’ve read mention Splice‘s explicit sexual content. There are hints at sexual tension between characters, but nothing more. For many, the film could be an emotional trigger. There are a lot of people out there who would prefer not seeing rape or incest, or at least be mentally prepared.

Should I see Splice, it will be in the comforts of my own home, with my legs outstretched and without people laughing during the more serious scenes. I’m kind of interested to see which of two reviewers I agree more with, the A- or the dren. I respect both of their artistic, intelligent minds, which makes it difficult in weighing the scales.

Any thoughts on Splice or reviews? Since I just watched it, has anyone seen Shutter Island? What did you think? Are there any other new movies I should know about?



  1. I saw Shutter Island and enjoyed the heck out of it. Plan on adding it to my dvd collection at some point. Here is my review if you are interested:

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