Posted by: Mish | June 12, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I’ve been doing some spring cleaning here and there around my studio for the past month or so. After almost 3 years it could use some reorganization and such. Coincidentally, the prompt from Weekly Geeks is about blogging goals.

My current projects:

  • Evaluating my writing/blogging style.
  • Consolidating or deleting categories.
  • Fiddling with pages for easier navigation.
  • Possibly a new paint job, but last time I did that I switched it back after a week.
  • Preparing for the sci-fi reading challenge’s relaunch in August.
  • Adding the 1001 “must reads” to my book lists.
  • Setting up my library at Goodreads.

Are there any suggestions or feedback? How does one assess their writing? What’s considered a best post? Isn’t it all relative anyway?



  1. Definitely DO NOT judge your writing by the number of hits/comments you get. It in no way is an accurate reflection of anything worth while when it comes to something as wide spread as blogging.

    I think you first need to ask yourself, why judge it at all? I’m not saying don’t judge it, just make sure you understand why you are doing so. If you are wanting to be a writer of some sort then I think you should judge your writing in the same way an author does, which I imagine is by feedback of trusted people, comparing it against writing you think is good and enjoy, etc.

    Blogging should be first and foremost something that is relaxing and fun and does exactly whatever you want it to do, regardless of the number of hits you get, etc.

    Just my two cents of course.

    If I seem to forget, please remind me when your sci fi challenge starts, I’d like to participate.

  2. Have to say, I do love your blog. It’s neat, lots of white-space, and easy to navigate! Plus, I really like the banner. 🙂

    I’ve got the 1001 Books list on my blog, if you want a version that’s easy to copy, and decently formatted! Had to spend about 20-25 minutes sorting out the formatting (and some of the html characters that cropped up) from the couple I tried lifting off the web.

    Best of luck with your blogging goals – looking forward to the end result =)

  3. Carl: I agree on all counts. The last bit on best::hits was more tongue in cheek, hence my mentioning relativity. I do some paid writing/editing on occasion and it’s often said that artists are their own worst critic. Thanks for your cents. I’ll remind ya.

    Uncertain: Thank you for the feedback and list, which I see and will be snagging. It’ll be so much easier than finishing the conversion from Excel’s coding to WordPress-friendly.

  4. I am positive that there is only one way to judge the merits of your posts; and that is if you yourself are happy with it, and feel that it conveys everything you wanted to get across. But where this leaves you when you are your own worst critic, I don’t know!

    (Not to mention the problem of perspective. My ‘best’ posts often read more like pants posts given a few months distance!)

  5. True true…(not so sure about that).

    You left the 500th comment. 🙂

  6. Yay! 🙂

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