In his novel Memory & Dream, Charles de Lint wrote, “Touch magic, pass it on”. Magic takes shape in the numerous varieties of art. I love the arts in all of its morphing forms. It can be beautiful to see or pleasant to hear, or it can be ugly and hard. It has the ability to talk to the mind and spirit. It can make one hold their breath, smile, shudder, question, or discuss.

This blank canvas before me will be more than, “I walked through halls full of Monet, Picasso, and Van Gogh.” I want to share my own thoughts and feelings on the arts, whether visual, musical, or literary. I want to share the magic.

After hearing and reading “That’s not art” countless times I thought I’d post the definition from the handy dandy dictionary.

What is art?

  • The class of objects subject to aesthetic criteria: paintings, sculptures, or drawings.
  • A field, genre, or category of art.
  • The fine arts or the humanities: music, philosophy, or literature.
  • Any field using the skills or techniques of art.
  • Illustrative or decorative material.
  • The craft using methods governing any craft or branch of learning.
  • Skill in conducting any human activity.

“Good sound is not in the ear, good taste is not in the mouth.” ~Eat, Drink, Man, Woman (Cinema)

“Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.” ~Bertolt Brecht (Playwright)

“Society needs poets, like the night needs stars.” ~Unknown

“There’s a great fear of the imagination. It’s a dangerous thing. It’s out of control, it’s subversive.” ~Ursula Le Guin (Writer)

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  1. On your Brecht quote: Art isn’t the hammer. It isn’t even the hand. It is the mind and the heart of the artist.

  2. Well said.

  3. Thanks, Mish. But now that I’ve taken the artist’s instrument away from him, I’m ready to give it back. I was only sorry about all the hammerwork (destruction) of the twentieth century. He can have his hammer but let it be the artisan’s mallet and no longer the damned sledge.

  4. Hullo to you. I love that quote:
    ““Society needs poets, like the night needs stars.”
    It’s beautiful!

  5. I think so too and it’s so true.

    La société a besoin de poètes, comme la nuit a bèsoin d’étoiles.

  6. I like your blog.
    I ‘ve seen your mention of Robert Wolff, and I’m disseminating a new interview with him, so I thought it made sense to share it… ; )

    warm regards
    Jose Luis

  7. “Skill in conducting any human activity.”

    Hear hear!

  8. Yep yep! 🙂

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