Museums & Theatres

Galleries & Museums

Asian Art Museum: San Fransisco, CA
Bennington Museum: Bennington, VT
Brooklyn Museum of Art: Brooklyn, NY
Clair Obscur Gallery: Los Angeles, CA
Guggenheim: New York City, Venice, Bilbao, Berlin, and Abu Dhabi
Museum of Modern Art: New York, NY
National Gallery of Art: Washington D.C.
National Gallery of Victoria: Melbourne, Australia
Robert Frost Stone House Museum: Shaftsbury, VT
Tate Museum: UK


Cirque du Soleil: Montreal, Quebec; Global
Fringe Festival: Montreal, Quebec
Headlines Theatre: Vancover, British Columbia
Pendragon Theatre: Saranac Lake, NY
Place des Arts: Montreal, Quebec
Present Tense Theater Project: New York, NY
TOHU Circus Arts: Montreal, Quebec

Studio Spaces & Workshops

Tanzquartier Wien: Vienna, Austria



  1. Are these your fav museums & theaters of all time? Or places you’d like to visit? Great websites?

    I wish I’d gone to the Asian Art Museum in SF when I was there many, many years ago! But I had other interests at the time.

    Love Tate, can’t go to London without paying a visit ūüėČ

  2. They’re a mix of favourites, cool places, and places I’d like to visit since I found out about them. I got tired of having to look up museums for every visit and having those I did in my bookmarks. Museum of Modern Art is one of my regular stops whenever I can get to NYC. I’d love to go to London and the Tate.

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