SF Notebook

An index of discussion notes, reading lists, and other bits of randomness about speculative fiction. I’ve gotten tired of searching for a particular post when something said or suggested comes to mind.

Sci-Fi Challenge: The kick-off post that stemmed from WorldCon ’09 with recommended reading and resources.

Sci-fi/Fantasy reading lists: Award nominees and the Guardian’s suggested reading.

Exploring Classic Sci-fi: What constitutes a classic? A list of some classic SF writers and novels.

Gateway Drugs: How do we get people of all ages interested in sci-fi/fantasy or into reading in general?

Folklore, Sci-fi, and Fantasy: Folklore, faerie tales, and superstition.

SF and Predictions: With writings by Ursula Le Guin and Neal Stephenson.

Brave New Worlds: Science fiction termonology by Robert Silverberg.

Various discussions from WorldCon ’09 to be translated from chicken scratch:

Future of Gender
Rainbow Future
Writers Who Shift Boundaries
Plotting Austerity
Post-modern, Post-human- Beyond Human Race
Panel in the Pool
Gaiman and Fandom


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